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Help development teams to focus on interesting, business-driving development tasks

The IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is an augmented application engineering suite built to accelerate design & development of enterprise-grade cloud solutions. It provides dedicated development tools such as standardized design tools, codified best practices, automated code generation and auto documentation, an open environment, and many more that help development teams to increase the level of automation - from design to development to deploy.

The product introduces a unique approach to the market, by starting earlier in the development process and providing dedicated tools to standardize the design of modern solutions. It provides a collaborative design environment, in which experts and developers can come together to iteratively transform the requirements into machine-readable design models.

Furthermore, the IBM Industry Solutions Workbench allows to standardize and automate industry best practices as well as internal expertise. This expertise can be transformed into codified, and shareable solution patterns which can be accessed and reused across all development teams.

Once the design has been modelled and the right solution patterns selected, the product automatically generates up to 70% of the needed code. Development teams only need to add certain code such as the business logic. Meaning, the Workbench helps the teams to shift their focus towards building value-creating, business driving code, increasing productivity, efficiency and developer happiness, all while reducing costs and development risks.

IBM Industry Solutions Workbench consists of the following components

Key Benefits

The main objective of the product is to unify the experience across the entire end-to-end solution lifecycle, optimizing the way developer teams work together in designing, implementing, testing and running enterprise-grade business solutions.

Deliver more, faster: Standardize solution design and accelerate code development to increase team productivity throughout the application lifecycle.

Automate best practices: Customize technology extensions to automate your specific enterprise standards. Get your developers started with your best practices baked in.

Extend skill: Provide developers tools to expand their skills. Speed up training and onboarding of new employees. Reduce the burden on senior developers and enable new team members to quickly and securely contribute to your codebase.

Avoid lock-ins: Solutions built with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench are 100% cloud native and have no proprietary runtime for all components. All your developed code comes without vendor lock-in or innovation lock out.