Develop services

IBM Industry Solutions Workbench aims to support the development of microservices in various dimensions. It provides a set of tools that can be embedded into your development workflow smoothly, which ease the creating, designing and implementation of your service.

For each microservice, a service project is created in the Solution Designer. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench offers various project types in different implementation languages. Which choice is most suitable for your service, is highly dependent on the purpose of the service and the available skillset. To find out more about creating service projects, please check the related guide.

The Solution Designer is used as the central tooling to manage and maintain all your service projects, including documentation, service design and CI/CD.

For Domain Services, the Solution Designer UI also offers various capabilities around modelling your business use cases, APIs and integration scenarios.

During implementation, developers are supported by the Solution CLI which provides helpful commands for interacting with Git and for generating code based on the modelled use cases in Solution Designer.

To find out more about designing and implementing microservices with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench, please check the respective articles.