Design Domain Service

IBM Industry Solutions Workbench provides rich support for Domain Service development enabling people of different skill levels to build enterprise-grade business solutions. This lets you use all your resources to innovate even faster and with less risk because you can focus on implementing the business logic.

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Code generation

Code generation is the key part of Domain Service development and its goal to enable as much people as possible to create business solutions. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench offers rich code generation for different development stacks to ensure developers don't waste time and brains on anything else than the business logic.

Creating the design model of a service can be done within the Solution Designer offering a collaborative environment to iteratively turning the requirements into machine readable design models. This model will then be translated in running code depending on the stack selected. So whenever you take over a ready-modelled project as a developer you can be sure you that the generated code is running code.

When querying external resources you can provide Swagger files or OpenAPi 3 files of that resource and the code generator creates methods for all the operations in that specification. Writing queries has never been easier due to immersive code completion for your IDE of choice.

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Generated test stubs

Even if you only need to implement the business logic and everything else has been previously generated, you still need to test everything thoroughly. Therefore, Domain Service projects (TypeScript) also generate test stubs for every modelled element. No matter if it is one of the API operations, a domain service handling events or an integration service to query an external resource, you will find a well-prepared test file next to the implementation file. This way you can directly start writing your tests and run them from your local machine.

Rich documentation and visualisation

If the design model alone does not explain every little detail as needed, IBM Industry Solutions Workbench lets you document the main design elements in words or even diagrams. Besides a Markdown WYSIWYG editor, you also have the option to either create UML diagrams with live preview or let the system auto-generate diagrams for you based on the model.

Use this documentation features to express your ideas, describe purpose and intention, visualise the data flow or list acceptance criteria for testing.

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