Getting started

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The IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is an augmented application engineering suite built to accelerate design & development of enterprise-grade cloud solutions. It helps organizations to transform digital business opportunities into cloud-native solutions. To this end, the offering has a strong emphasis on enabling people in their different roles to collaboratively design, develop, and implement modern enterprise-grade solutions.

Technical analysis results can be directly mapped to concepts and capabilities which are planned and organized with a business perspective. The open architecture provides choice to re-use existing, include 3rd party or create new components. The freedom to compose solutions protects past investments in existing business capabilities, enables best-of-breed solutions, allows a phased modernization of existing solutions and enables progressive infusion of new technologies.

Collaborative design and development tools with a selection of pre-defined stacks provide choice to different developer skill profiles to design and build deployment-ready solutions based on microservice architecture principles. Managed development stacks leverage industry best practice architecture principles and introduce standardization to ensure coherence. They provide access to specialized knowledge and modern business tools without the need for extensive and expensive training.

Adoption of new technologies is a constant requirement throughout the lifecycle of modern business solutions. Composite Business Solutions can leverage any technology capability to create and evolve business solutions. Pre-integrated IBM CloudPak capabilities provide choice and secure access to the latest technology.

product overview

The composite solutions run natively on Red Hat OpenShift, the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. RHEL supports any cloud, any virtualization and any hardware and OpenShift provides everything out-of-the-box.

Key benefits

The main objective of the product is to unify the experience across the entire end-to-end solution lifecycle, optimizing the way developer teams work together in designing, implementing, testing and running enterprise-grade business solutions.

  • Deliver more, faster: Standardize solution design and accelerate code development to increase team productivity throughout the application lifecycle.
  • Automate best practices: Customize technology extensions to automate your specific enterprise standards. Get your developers started with your best practices baked in.
  • Extend skill: Provide developers tools to expand their skills. Speed up training and onboarding of new employees. Reduce the burden on senior developers and enable new team members to quickly and securely contribute to your codebase.
  • Avoid lock-ins: Solutions built with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench are 100% cloud native and have no proprietary runtime for all components. All your developed code comes without vendor lock-in or innovation lock out.

Use Cases

Develop new mission critical solutions and applications

  • Build modern UI apps, develop domain decomposed business services, streamline business processes and improve decision making with real-time insights.

Modernize existing core systems or applications

  • Transform monoliths by decomposing them into modular, container-based solutions, re-use existing capabilities and compose them with newly developed solutions

Embrace a modern development workspace

  • Support the complete solution lifecycle across design, code, deploy and operate with integrated tooling and help developers to focus on most valuable tasks and automate the rest with generated code and pre-defined deploy pipelines.

More information

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