General overview

The IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is an augmented application engineering suite built to accelerate design & development of enterprise-grade cloud solutions. It provides dedicated development tools such as standardized design tools, codified best practices, automated code generation and auto documentation, an open environment, and many more that help development teams to increase the level of automation – from design to development to deploy.

  1. It empowers development teams to focus on business-driving tasks such as the business logic of solutions, rather than repetitive tasks such as technology evaluation and maintenance and establishing the connection to database. By increasing standardization and automation in the design and development process, the IBM Industry Solutions Workbench offers dedicated support for an improved development process and increased productivity.

  2. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is unique in the market as it provides a “shift left” of development tasks, introducing a high level of standardization and automation in already the design phase of a solution.

  3. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench enables development teams to easily adopt open-source technologies on an as-needed scale: It not only provides pre-integration for many mainstream open-source technologies, but also provides the related architectural patterns and industry best practices -as code- packaged in the software stacks and templates - ready to use.

  4. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench enables development teams to codify standardize organizational best-practices in a shareable and reusable way based on so-called stacks and templates, which can be accessed across all development teams.

IBM Industry Solutions Workbench covers and supports the entire development lifecycle, enabling developers to put their focus on business-driving tasks, while increasing productivity and developer experience.