Any kind of development with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is organized in projects. Solution Designer supports in general two different types of projects:

  • Service Projects: Represents a single microservice modelled and implemented by the user which can be used as component for an application composition project.

    Every service project is based on a Stack, which defines the base technology and available capabilities in the project.

  • Application Composition Project: This project type is used to compose applications based on already existing, reusable components.

    An application is a representation of deployment instructions and configurations for multiple components that will get deployed together, but there is no source code as there is in service projects. Please see Managing Applications for further information.

The Projects page in Solution Designer provides an overview of both types, so you have quick access to all projects no matter if you want to compose an application or model a microservice.


A Stack is used as a base for any service project and defines the used technology, implementation language and the available capabilities during the service development.

Java Spring Boot Stack

The Java Spring Boot Stack is available in two versions:

  • Java Spring Boot Stack 1.0

    Based on Java 11 and Spring Boot 2

  • Java Spring Boot Stack 2.0

    Based on Java 17 and Spring Boot 3

NodeJS TypeScript Stack

Based on Node.js 20 and TypeScript

NodeJS JavaScript Stack

Based on Node.js 20 and JavaScript