What's new?

See what new features and improvements are available in IBM Industry Solutions Workbench 4.1.1.

Custom Pipelines based on workspaces

From version 4.1.1 on IBM Industry Solutions Workbench, pipelines are based on workspaces and multiple tasks. That provides an easy possibility to define own custom pipeline types, see Pipeline Overview and Custom Pipelines.

Custom Remote Deploy Pipeline

From version 4.1.1 on IBM Industry Solutions Workbench supports a possibility in a TechPreview version to define an own custom pipeline template to be able to deploy service projects (Java SpringBoot Stack 2.0) to another cluster. Additionally, it is possible to deploy your service projects into an IBM Power Server (architecture ppc64le), see Custom Remote Deploy Pipeline and Deployment Pipeline for IBM Power Server (ppc64le).

Additional Property Types Long and Time for Domain Namespaces

From version 4.1.1 on IBM Industry Solutions Workbench allows the additional property types for Domain Services Long and Time Property Types.

Include Documentation into the product deployment

From version 4.1.1 on IBM Industry Solutions Workbench allows to deploy the product documentation as part of the installation into the cluster. So the documentation will be available in an air-gapped environment, see Extended configuration.

Java Spring Boot Stack 2.0

From version 4.1.0 on, IBM Industry Solutions Workbench Java Spring Boot Stack 2.0 is available. This stack is based on Java 17 and Spring Boot 3 version.

Existing services based on Java Spring Boot Stack 1.0 (Java 11 and Spring Boot 2) can be upgraded. To do so, please follow the Upgrade instructions for domain services or the Upgrade instructions for generic services.


From IBM Industry Solutions Workbench 4.1.1 Java Spring Boot Stack 1.0 is marked as deprecated.

Dynamic extensions for Java Stack 2.0.0 to address a specific use case​

In Java Stack 2.0.0, the available capabilities in the project can be managed dynamically within the Solution Designer.​ ​ By enabling extensions, advanced modeling and code generation capabilities are unlocked. Additionally, this feature allows to reduce mandatory dependencies to external services to a minimum (e.g. Apache Kafka, database). The pom file is adjusted automatically for you.​

The extensions can be enabled and disabled at any time, providing you full flexibility during service development.​

Read more about Extensions.

Custom Java Persistence Annotations (JPA)

From version 4.1.1 on, custom Java Persistence Annotations are available in Java Stack 2.0.0 with DB2 (RDBMS) enabled as database type in the Aggregate Persistence Support extension. This makes it possible to flexibly add custom annotations and costumize data persistence in your project to your needs.

Read more about Custom Java Persistence Annotations (JPA).

Saga Support for distributed transactions

From version 4.1.1 on, IBM Industry Solutions Workbench offers the extension Saga Pattern Support for transactional use cases. It allows you to implement distributed transactions across multiple services by applying the Saga pattern. IBM Industry Solutions Workbench provides rich modelling and implementation support for such use cases, while establishing a secure connection to the lra-coordinator by default.

Read more about Saga Pattern Support.

IBM Business Automation Workflow integration

With version 4.1.0, the integration of the generated toolkits for IBM Business Automation Workflow integration has improved. It is now easier to set configurations like the endpoint URL, SSL configurations, or request and response timouts when using the generated toolkit.

Please check the related section in API Namespaces for more details.

Branching Support

With the current version of IBM Industry Solutions Workbench, the Solution Designer and the CLI fully support branches of the projects. Now the user is able to create and/or checkout a remote branch from the repository, reset the local branch to the remote status or delete dedicated branches. Additionally, pipeline configurations can be created for a dedicated branch.

Read more about the new capabilities.

Other noteworthy improvements

Carbon Design interface

Starting with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench version 4.1.1, the user interface is completely based on IBM Carbon Design.

Import Service Project from GIT repository

Starting with IBM Industry Solutions Workbench version 4.1.1, it is possible to import an existing Service Project from a connected GIT repository into the Solution Designer, see Import Service Project from GIT repository.

Solution Hub now displays ARGO CD

For all deployed Application Composition projects you can now access the most important information directly in the Solution Hub. Both the overview of the deployed applications and a dedicated page for each application allow to simply check the status.

Read more about the displayed information.

Share your workspace with co-workers

You now can share your workspace with co-workers by simply handing over a token. Co-workers can then easily create the same setup based on that token and later also can synchronize with the source workspace.

Read more about the sharing of a workspace.