Project logging

In general, all logs of a project are printed out to the console of each pod.

Retrieve logs via OpenShift WebConsole

The OpenShift WebConsole provides access to all workloads running in the cluster. To see the logs of your project, open the Workloads section in the left navigation bar and click on Deployments.

Next, at the top of the page you'll find a dropdown to select the OpenShift project (deployment target) to which the service project or component has been deployed.

Now you can use the search bar to find the desired deployment and click on the provided link to see the Deployment Details.

The details view offers a menu bar that you can use to click on Pods. This will show you all running pods for this deployment. By clicking on one of the pods you will get access to their logs.

Retrieve logs via CLI

  • Identify pod of project: oc get pods -n=runtime-dev
  • Retrieve logs from pod of project: oc logs <pod>

Available options:

  • Get logs of the function sidecar where operations: oc logs <pod> -c service
  • Get logs of the project itself: oc logs <pod> -c project

Retrieve logs via log aggregation on OpenShift (EFK)

If log aggregation of OpenShift is available

  • Open OpenShift Management Platform
  • Open Monitoring
  • Open Logging