Get metering information

You can retrieve the metering information (as json format) by calling a REST API. We provide a Swagger UI for ease-of-use, but you can use the tool of your choice for calling APIs (e.g. cURL, Postman).

As long as not configured otherwise, the default URL where you can find the k5 Query Swagger UI is built like this:


The exact URL can be found within the route named k5-query. It can be easily retrieved by executing

oc get route k5-query -n <namespace>

whereby <namespace> points to the namespace, where IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is installed (e.g. k5-tools).

Use GET method Reports the default metering of the Swagger UI or execute

curl -X GET "{your-url}/api/metering/v1/report" -H "accept: application/json;charset=UTF-8" -H  "Authorization: Bearer {BearerToken}"

As authentication, you need to provide an OpenShift Bearer token.