The administration of IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is split into several areas like the product itself and its users and of course the runtime and its users. For each of these topics you will find an own article guiding you through all necessary steps.

Product configuration

This section provides information on configuring Solution Designer and Solution Hub, the users working with it and the required service accounts and permissions.

Design time configuration

Here you can find instructions on how to configure the identity provider, connect a database, connect to audit logger or the truststore. There is also extensive descriptions on how to work with the config maps provided by IBM Industry Solutions Workbench.

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Configuring users

Learn how to set up the IAM provider for the users of IBM Industry Solutions Workbench as well as the OpenShift users. Read about realms and necessary rules, roles and permissions to execute certain tasks.

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Service accounts and RBAC

Get an overview on all required service accounts that IBM Industry Solutions Workbench sets up and the required roles or cluster roles needed.

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Runtime configuration

This section provides information on setting up deployment targets and how to configure them as well as auditing, encryption and security.

Configuring the runtime

After having set up the product components there is still some configuration left for the runtime.

The minimum configuration that needs to be done is the configuration at environment level, see configuring deployment targets - environment level.

Please ensure that this configuration (environment level) is done before creating the first deployment targets.

Read also more about all runtime configuration that are possible on configuring deployment targets - overview

Creating deployment targets

See what is required to set up new deployment targets in your OpenShift cluster e.g., installing OpenShift pipelines and providing proper configuration.

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Auditing is a very important if not essential part of every software system and of course IBM Industry Solutions Workbench provides several ways to do audits. This article gives you a short introduction on the available and required services.

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Security & encryption

IBM Industry Solutions Workbench leverages industry best practices and latest security mechanisms to ensure a safe and secure platform allowing you to build solutions with confidence.

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Configuring the HashiCorp Vault

After setting up HashiCorp Vault, there is some configuration left to make it work.

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