This will guide you through the upgrade process of IBM Industry Solutions Workbench.

The upgrade is similar to the installation process, except that backups should be created, configuration files do not need to be created from scratch, and version-specific configuration and migration steps must be performed according to the latest upgrade notes.

Here's the basic process for installing a new upgrade or hotfix version:

  1. Check Prerequisites
  2. Obtain the installation package
  3. Perform Upgrade
  4. Perform Post-Upgrade tasks

Check prerequisites

Before you upgrade IBM Industry Solutions Workbench, ensure that the following tasks are complete:

  1. Review the upgrade notes

    Please note the version-specific upgrade instructions in the upgrade notes for your version. It contains important information about the version-specific changes and the necessary changes to be made when you upgrade to the new version. Also check the upgrade notes of all version numbers between the currently installed version and the version you are about to install.

  2. Verify system requirements

    If you plan to upgrade a third-party component along with the upgrade, please check compatibility with the system requirements and inspect the installing 3rd-party components page before upgrading to the new version. It is recommended that you upgrade only on the basis of the changes required for the upgrade and re-run the installation process separately if other configuration changes require it.

  3. Obtain account with sufficient permissions

    Setting up cluster-wide resources like ImageContentSourcePolicy requires an account in the cluster administrator role.

Perform Upgrade

Upgrading IBM Industry Solutions Workbench is very similar to the installation process. Just follow step 1 to 3 on the Installation Process page to get the new version of the Operator available.

Once this is done and the Subscription update channel is set to stable-v1.1, the IBM Industry Solutions Workbench Operator is automatically updating the product if you have set "Update approval" to " Automatic" when installing the operator the first time. If this is not the case, you can manually upgrade the operator in the UI. For that have a look in the OpenShift WebConsole -> Operators -> Installed Operators -> IBM Industry Solutions Workbench Operator -> Subscription and update to 4.1.1.

Perform Post-Upgrade tasks

Please refer to the upgrade notes for the corresponding version(s). They may contain additional necessary upgrade steps, especially migration instructions. And validate that the Solution Designer and Solution Envoy Web applications can be opened in the browser.